Wave Design Sideboard

Inspired by the waves of the ocean, hand made from solid teak which is joined to form the clean and elegant outline.


  • 78″ (Length) X 18″ (Depth) X 32″ (Height) Inches.

MATERIAL: Brass Embossed

  •  Handmade Brass Embossed Sideboard in Wave Design
  •  3 Cupboards with removable shelf inside
  •  Made from Teak Wood
  •  Natural Finished interior
  •  Push and Pull Door system
  • Structure Made from Solid Wood & MDF for Longer Life.
  •  Made to Order. Thus customer owns a fresh product every time they buy from us
  • Shipped within 20 days after receipt of Successful Order
  • Can be customized in any size / color / design according to customer’s requirement


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